Popup NY Events on King Street

In collaboration with the Hudson Square Bid, PopUp NY launched the first of three King Street specialty food and artisans markets on May 23rd.  The event attracted upwards of 5,000 people. Food creators such as Angry Archie’s, Karl’s Balls and Brooklyn Granola showcased their brands, while Gabriela Ceballos and Bugged Out NYC displayed their unique concepts. Also present were The Economist magazine and Brew Dr. Kombucha.

Each event features a unique NYC based live musical performance. At the May 23rd event, trumpet player Eganam K. Segbefiaadded to the festivities. Interactive art, and multi-player outdoor games were also included, encouraging lively interaction. PopUp NY held its second event on June 20th  and will return for its final 2019  fair on September 12th.

PopUp New York is a curated contemporary street events company currently in its fourth season. It’s aim is to create a modern and exciting outdoor street experience by collaborating with up-and coming restaurateurs, designers, crafters, artists and musicians in the cities most progressive and trendiest neighborhoods. Each themed PopUp NY event consists of an ever-changing lineup of local entrepreneurs.

PopUp NY always gives back to the local community by partnering with non-profit organizations in the area.